An Accord of Poets #itallhappened

So we did it. It happened. #it. An Accord of Poets. Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Peterborough—four cities in five days, five poets in a Honda Accord (and a sixth meeting us in Peterborough). I don’t know how to wrap up what we did together. More than a year of planning went into it, and now itsContinue reading “An Accord of Poets #itallhappened”


My little Apt. 9 Press is publishing a perfect bound book for the first time. Five is being produced to celebrate the October reading tour that I’m taking part in with jesslyn delia smith, Rachael Simpson, Jeff Blackman, and Justin Million. The first bound copies arrived yesterday afternoon from Coach House Printing for final approval.Continue reading “Five”

In/Words: the longpoem envelope (2008)

2013 has seen a run of short memoirs by former In/Words editors, most of them to do with the few years that I was lucky enough to be involved (2006-2009, approximately). A profile by rob mclennan at Open Book: Ontario in February seems to have been what sparked the nostalgic wave, followed up with piecesContinue reading “In/Words: the longpoem envelope (2008)”

rob mclennan on In/Words

From 2006-2009 (or thereabouts), I was an editor at In/Words Magazine & Chapbook Press at Carleton University. My first published poem was in In/Words (Volume 5, Issue 3, February 2006, on the same page as Ben Ladouceur). I worked editing for the magazine, editing chapbooks, and helping to make a monthly open-mic reading series happen.Continue reading “rob mclennan on In/Words”