My little Apt. 9 Press is publishing a perfect bound book for the first time. Five is being produced to celebrate the October reading tour that I’m taking part in with jesslyn delia smith, Rachael Simpson, Jeff Blackman, and Justin Million. The first bound copies arrived yesterday afternoon from Coach House Printing for final approval.Continue reading “Five”

A few self-centred updates

There are posts forthcoming on other things, but in the meantime, I wanted to gather together some recent activity before I lost track of it all together. Ground Rules: the best of the second decade of above/ground press 2003-2013 has begun to receive some reviews. My piece in the book, the chapbook Frank St. (2010),Continue reading “A few self-centred updates”

Apt. 9 in Trade

I love making chapbooks through Apt. 9 Press. It is a great joy to publish work by writers I admire, work I inevitably wish I had written. Due to the time and labour-intensive nature of Apt. 9 productions, print-runs are necessarily limited. Typically 50 copies, with occasional reprints when circumstances call for it. One consequenceContinue reading “Apt. 9 in Trade”

July Updates

I will be reading on Saturday August 10 at 2pm at Raw Sugar as part of the Great-Mini-South-Eastern-Ontario Short Story & Poetry Tour. Christine Miscione, Nicholas Papaxanthos and Michael e. Casteels are hitting the road together and reading in Hamilton, Cobourg, Kingston and Ottawa (with local writers in each town). I’m lucky enough to beContinue reading “July Updates”

On Chapbook Making

I recently had the opportunity to answer some questions about chapbook making courtesy of Andrew Faulkner at Open Book: Toronto. I feel privileged to see Apt. 9 listed beside Toronto’s Ferno House and Toronto-via-Ottawa’s Odourless Press discussing young people making chapbooks. Mat Laporte (Ferno House) and Bardia Sinaee (Odourless) are thoughtful and articulate while IContinue reading “On Chapbook Making”

Two Small June Updates

Apt. 9 Press is gearing up to launch three new titles in two short weeks. We’ll have new books from Christine McNair, Stephen Brockwell and Jeff Blackman on our table at the Ottawa Small Press Book Fair on June 15, before launching them formally on June 17 at 8:00pm at the fabulous Raw Sugar Cafe.Continue reading “Two Small June Updates”

Jim Smith (November/December Reading Miscellany Part Two)

Mansfield Press rolled into Ottawa at the beginning of December with its Fall lineup. Mansfield has developed a consistently exciting list in recent years, balancing young poets (Leigh Nash, Jamie Forsythe) with elder statesmen (David McFadden, Nelson Ball) under the careful editorial stewardship of Stuart Ross and good sense and design sensibility of publisher DenisContinue reading “Jim Smith (November/December Reading Miscellany Part Two)”

Diversity and Representation

I’m late to this conversation. On May 4, Natalie Zina Walschots published a captivating post on her blog regarding the disparity between the numbers of books by men and women reviewed in the National Post in the previous year and a half. Just over a year ago, Sina Queyras wrote passionately about gender bias inContinue reading “Diversity and Representation”