Recent Acquisitions | October 2013

Ball, Nelson and Barbara Caruso. Points of Attention. Toronto: Weed/Flower Press, 1971. I’ve coveted this book for years now, and finally have a copy on my shelf. Points of Attention was published in 1971 as a collaboration between Barbara Caruso and Nelson Ball in a tiny edition of 50 copies. Typesetting was done at CoachContinue reading “Recent Acquisitions | October 2013”

Some Notes on the Print History of William Hawkins’ Ottawa Poems

[Originally published at Ottawa Poetry Newsletter, 14 May 2009] “Give this meaning as you may, or must,” William Hawkins, #27 (from Ottawa Poems) I’m a newcomer to Ottawa poetry, but by no means a newcomer to Ottawa. I was born here, and raised, and am presently on the verge of completing my “higher” education inContinue reading “Some Notes on the Print History of William Hawkins’ Ottawa Poems”