Ottawa Poems #1-28

In September, I very cleverly poured an entire coffee into my laptop. This complicated many much more important things, but it also interrupted my access to this blog thus stopping me from posting more of my erasures of Bill’s work. So, instead of starting again or posting them in smaller pieces, I am just goingContinue reading “Ottawa Poems #1-28”

These Actual Lines: A Book of Erasure #1-4

While editing The Collected Poems of William Hawkins (2015), I began doing  erasures of Bill’s poems. I focused on his 1966 collection Ottawa Poems and completed an erasure of each of the 28 poems in the book. I didn’t begin the work thinking of them as poems that I would share, instead thinking of it as aContinue reading “These Actual Lines: A Book of Erasure #1-4”

Some Notes on the Print History of William Hawkins’ Ottawa Poems

[Originally published at Ottawa Poetry Newsletter, 14 May 2009] “Give this meaning as you may, or must,” William Hawkins, #27 (from Ottawa Poems) I’m a newcomer to Ottawa poetry, but by no means a newcomer to Ottawa. I was born here, and raised, and am presently on the verge of completing my “higher” education inContinue reading “Some Notes on the Print History of William Hawkins’ Ottawa Poems”