March Miscellany

I spent a fantastic afternoon with Michael Dennis this past Saturday scanning his book covers in order to upload them to his new blog (kindly set up by Christian McPherson). Michael is just great to spend a few hours with talking poetry. He’s read more than most people alive, and he has strong opinions aboutContinue reading “March Miscellany”

Michael Dennis – poems for jessica-flynn

In my last post, a reference was made to Michelle Desbarats’ poem “Peas” appearing in a shop window in the Glebe. This seems like a good moment to talk about another Ottawa poet who resided temporarily in a Glebe window. Michael Dennis’ 1986 collection poems for jessica-flynn (Ottawa: Not One Cent of Subsidy Press) wasContinue reading “Michael Dennis – poems for jessica-flynn”

Grey Matters: The Peace Arts Anthology (Ottawa: Peace Arts Publishers, 1985)

My formal literary education, as well as my small press/little mag educations, find their origins at Carleton University. I spent several years working with a little mag and chapbook press called In/Words run out of a small office on the 19th floor of Dunton Tower. At the time, it felt as though Carleton had veryContinue reading “Grey Matters: The Peace Arts Anthology (Ottawa: Peace Arts Publishers, 1985)”