Recent [non-book] Acquisitions

Three recent non-book acquisitions (though certainly book-ish, and small-press-related). Irving Layton at Le Hibou Released by Posterity Records (PTR 13001). Illustrated and designed by Christopher Wells, Produced and edited by William Hawkins, with an essay by Roy MacSkimming. Recorded at Ottawa’s legendary Le Hibou coffee house in January 1962 (at least so far as IContinue reading “Recent [non-book] Acquisitions”

Jay Macpherson, Emblem Books

Jay Macpherson died earlier this year (21 March 2012) at the age of 80. Her death was met with a surprising silence in its immediate wake (with a handful of exceptions). Macpherson is known primarily as a poet. Her reputation is built on a small number of collections in the 1950s, culminating in a GovernorContinue reading “Jay Macpherson, Emblem Books”