Recent [non-book] Acquisitions

Three recent non-book acquisitions (though certainly book-ish, and small-press-related).

Irving Layton at Le Hibou


Released by Posterity Records (PTR 13001). Illustrated and designed by Christopher Wells, Produced and edited by William Hawkins, with an essay by Roy MacSkimming. Recorded at Ottawa’s legendary Le Hibou coffee house in January 1962 (at least so far as I have been able to ascertain). According to MacSkimming in his liner notes/essay: “The January night Irving Layton arrived to make this recording at Le Hibou, a second-floor coffee house, he found a shivering crowd lined up for two blocks down the street. Inside Le Hibou were as many more sitting on chairs, tables, knees, jamming the aisle and overflowing into the tiny kitchen to hear the first Ottawa reading by Canada’s major poet. No one was disappointed. The mob outside was accommodated two hours later with a second reading.”






A broadside produced by Nicky Drumbolis on the occasion of the Contact Press retrospective at Habourfront in Toronto, 28 January 1986. According to Drumbolis, Betty Sutherland’s original linocut from Souster’s Contact magazine was used for the title. Serves as a good index of those published by the press (a few collaborators not accounted for [Colombo, O’Broin, Nasir] and authors of three Quebecois booklets done for the Contact Reading Series [Jacques Godbout, Yves Prefontaine, and Diane Spiecker]). An edition of 100 copies. All the above information direct from Drumbolis, with gratitude.

A Sensitive Man


A (consumed) bottle of A Sensitive Man, the Al Purdy beer, brewed by Barley Days Brewery. “Warning: Contains Farts & Horse Piss.” Picked up, and drank, at the A-Frame a few weeks ago thanks to the hospitality of Nick Thran and Sue Sinclair. Residing on the bookshelves, between Al and Sina Queyras.



Published by Cameron Anstee

Cameron Anstee lives and writes in Ottawa ON where he runs Apt. 9 Press and is pursuing a PhD in English Literature at the University of Ottawa.

4 thoughts on “Recent [non-book] Acquisitions

  1. It’s a great jacket! I could never afford the copies that go up for sale. This one was an incredibly generous gift from Nelson Ball.

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