Andrew Steeves on Attention

[…] for me what it all comes down to is paying attention. And I think that publishing is all about paying attention in the same way that reading is all about paying attention. It is about understanding the materials you are working with and the way they function in the world. (129)

Steeves, Andrew. “The Ecology of Publishing: An Interview.” Smoke Proofs: Essays on Literary Publishing, Printing & Typography. Kentville NS: Gaspereau Press, 2014.

Go read this book if you care about publishing, book design, the book as an object and technology in the world, or enjoy clear and thoughtful essays that think through the responsibilities and implications of cultural (and manual) labour.


Published by Cameron Anstee

Cameron Anstee lives and writes in Ottawa ON where he runs Apt. 9 Press and is pursuing a PhD in English Literature at the University of Ottawa.

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