Some Ottawa Anthologies

This post collects bibliographic information and photographs of covers for a number of anthologies that, in one way or another, can be classed as Ottawa anthologies of poetry and fiction. Choices were necessary of course. I have not included literary journals (with a single exception), nor have I included chapbook anthologies. These are excellent and valid forms of publication, but I chose to focus on trade anthologies here. Some explicitly include only Ottawa-based writers. Some attempt to represent Ottawa-based reading series and publishers. Some have an Ottawa-based editor and a significant number of Ottawa writers in their tables of contents (or a particularly Ottawa-oriented focus).

This is the beginning of a collection that I would like to grow. For example, I’ve got nothing before 1973 on this list. Is the Malcolm Ross-edited Poets of the Confederation reaching a bit? What have I forgotten? What do I not have on my shelves? What do I not know about yet?

Ottawa Anthologies

Tierney, Frank M. and Stephen Gill, eds. Poets of the Capital. Ottawa: Borealis Press, [1975].



Morton, Colin, ed. Capital Poets: An Ottawa Anthology. Ottawa: Ouroboros, 1989.



Six Ottawa Poets. Oakville: Mosaic Press, 1990.


Bell, John, ed. Ottawa: A Literary Portrait. Lawrencetown Beach NS: Pottersfield Press, 1992.


Speak! Six Omnigothic NeoFuturists. Fredericton: Broken Jaw Press, 1997.



mclennan, rob, ed. Shadowy Technicians: New Ottawa Poets. Fredericton: Broken Jaw Press, 2000.


Cinquefoil: New work from five Ottawa poets. Oakville: Mosaic Press, 2003.


mclennan, rob, ed. Decalogue: Ten Ottawa Poets. Ottawa: Chaudiere Books, 2006.

mclennan, rob, ed. Decalogue 2: Ten Ottawa Fiction Writers. Ottawa: Chaudiere Books, 2007.


Dalhousie Blues. Ottawa: Ex Hubris, 2009.


Ottawa Readings, Presses, and Events

Northern Comfort. Ottawa: Commoners’ Press, 1973.


Ferguson, Heather, ed. Open Set: A Tree Anthology. Hull: Agawa Press, 1990.

Moran, James and Jennifer Mulligan, eds. Twenty-five Years of Tree. Ottawa : BuschekBooks, 2005.


jwcurry, facilitator. Guessed Book. Ottawa: An Onion Primtshop, 2002.



Arc 51 (Winter 2003). Ottawa Poetry Now.



mclennan, rob, ed. Groundswell: the best of above/ground press 1993-2003. Fredericton: Broken Jaw Press, 2004.

mclennan, rob, ed. Ground Rules: the best of the second decade of above/ground press 2003-2013. Ottawa: Chaudiere Books, 2013.



Brooks, Daniel and Enda Soostar, eds. Grey Matters: The Peace Arts Anthology. Ottawa: Peace Arts Publishers, 1985.


McMaster, Susan, ed. Pith & Wry: Canadian Poetry. Sudbury: Scrivener Press, 2010.


Brockwell, Stephen and Stuart Ross, eds. Rogue Stimulus: The Stephen Harper Holiday Anthology for a Prorogued Parliament. Toronto: Mansfield Press, 2010.








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