William Hawkins Bibliography | Happy Birthday, Bill!

Happy Birthday, William Hawkins! 74 years old today!

In honour, I am attaching a bibliography that I have been compiling gradually over the last few years. It expands on the descriptive bibliography published through Apt. 9 Press a few years ago. This includes a number of individual items not included in that first effort, as well as a comprehensive bibliography of magazine publications (well, “comprehensive”; undoubtedly things are missing).

William Hawkins – Bibliography – May 2014

Bill’s bibliography is rich with interesting visuals. To expand a bit on the file posted above, I am including photographs of a number of these items below.


Shoot Low Sheriff, They’re Riding Shetland Ponies! with Roy MacSkimming. Ottawa: [n.p.], 1964.


Two Longer Poems: the Seasons of Miss Nicky by Harry Howith and Louis Riel by William Hawkins. Toronto: Patrician Press, 1965.


Hawkins: Poems 1963-1965. Ottawa: Nil Press, 1966.


Ottawa Poems. Kitchener: Weed/Flower Press, 1966.


The Gift of Space: Selected Poems 1960/1970. Toronto: new press, 1971.


The Madman’s War. Ottawa: S.A.W. Publication, 1974.


Dancing Alone: Selected Poems. Fredericton: Broken Jaw Press (Cauldron Books 5), 2005.


the black prince of bank street. Ottawa: above/ground press, 2007.


Sweet & Sour Nothings. Ottawa: Apt. 9 Press, 2010.



“Postage Stamps.” Ottawa: Nil Press, [1962].


“Thinking of Cobwebs, for Nelson Ball.” Ottawa: 1cent #362, 2005.

“King Kong Meets Godzilla.” Ottawa: above/ground press broadside #318, 2013.



New Wave Canada: The New Explosion in Canadian Poetry. Toronto: Contact Press, 1966.


Modern Canadian Verse. Toronto: Oxford UP, 1967.


Poetry of Relevance. Toronto: Methuen, 1970.


Northern Comfort. Ottawa: Commoner’s Press, 1973.


Ground Rules: the best of the second decade of above/ground press. Ottawa: Chaudiere Books, 2013.


Other Items

Christopher’s Movie Matinee. National Film Board of Canada, 1968.

Dancing Alone: The Songs of William Hawkins. True North Records, 2008.

The Children. Time Capsule: The Unreleased 1960’s Masters. True North Records, 2013.


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